Candidate Report on Fred Alonzo Rangel
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Candidate Research Report

House District 125 Special Election

Freddie Alonzo Rangel

Fred Rangel is a candidate in the Texas District 125 (San Antonio) Special Election set for February 12, 2019. Rangel is one of five candidates who have filed for the seat.  

Rangel is the owner of ADCO Master Builders, Inc. and is responsible for its activities and obligations as a business in Texas.  

Picture of Fred Rangel

An examination of state and court documents show that candidate Fred Rangel has repeatedly refused to pay required fees, taxes, and debts owed.  

Court and Administrative Rulings Against Fred Rangel and ADCO Master Builders, Inc.

  • Legal Judgment Against Rangel and ADCO Master Builders, Inc. for failure to pay $20,000 debt. A civil court ordered ADCO Master Builders to pay a delinquent $20,000 debt and associated court fees. Citation: Carrier judgment against ADCO Master Builders: Denton County Court At Law #2 Case: CV-2011-01621  
  • Rangel’s License to conduct business revoked July 27, 2012 Fred Rangel failed to pay required fees/taxes on his business – ADCO Master Builders, Inc. – and then refused to pay the delinquent amount even after given a four-month extension. Failure to pay resulted the involuntary forfeiture of Rangel’s business charter. Citation: Jul 12, 2012 Tax Forfeiture, Texas SOS Doc No. 433320757222  
  • Rangel’s License to conduct business revoked January 25, 2019 – less than two weeks ago Documents also confirm that Rangel was forced to forfeit his business charter in 2012 for failure to pay fees/taxes on his ADCO Master Builders, Inc. Citation: Jan 25, 2019 Tax Forfeiture. Texas SOS Doc No. 864076241253