Fred Rangel Tax Forfeiture

You pay your debts and your fair share of fees and taxes…

State House Candidate Fred A. Rangel does not.

Fred Rangel is over 120 days late filing his business taxes

Fred Alonzo Rangel defaulted on a $20,000 debt and refused to pay until ordered by a State Court.

Denton County Court At Law #2 Case: CV-2011-01621

Fred Rangel also failed to pay important fees forcing the state to revoke is business license TWO TIMES.

Fred's Most recent forfeiture

Jan 25, 2019 Tax Forfeiture. Texas SOS Doc No. 864076241253

2012 Tax Forfeiture

Jul 12, 2012 Tax Forfeiture, Texas SOS Doc No. 433320757222

Deadbeat Fred is the wrong choice in the State House District 125 Special Election.

Picture of Fred Rangel